Stéphane Vetter captures stunning aurora borealis photos

Stéphane Vetter is a brilliant photographer with a keen eye for Iceland’s landscapes and one who manages to capture mind-blowing aurora borealis photos.

The aurora borealis is an amazing natural phenomenon. Mother Earth and the sun are working together to put on a spectacular light show, which appears in northern regions, including in countries such as Iceland.

This impressive show is also referred to as the “northern lights”. Visiting Iceland or other northern countries would be a great chance to see them in person, but not all the people can get there.

This is why photographers are making us a favor and they are organizing trips, in order to get the opportunity to capture the lights in action and present their results to the rest of us.

Aurora borealis

Aurora borealis is a light show which appears in northern regions, including Iceland. It is caused by energy-charged particles coming from the sun and colliding in Earth’s atmosphere. Credits: Stéphane Vetter.

Stéphane Vetter is an example of photographic brilliance acknowledged even by NASA

Putting a camera in one’s hands does not make him or her a good photographer, as some are simply better than others. Stéphane Vetter is an example of a person capable of capturing stunning images and his work has been recognized by the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) itself.

The photographer’s shots have been featured multiple times on the Astronomy Picture of the Day (APOD) website. However, his aurora borealis images are not making their way on the APOD site on a daily basis, therefore Vetter’s personal website should become your daily dose of photography exposing sheer Icelandic beauty.

Waterfall of the gods

Iceland’s Godafoss is known as the waterfall of the gods. In this stunning photo we can see the Milky Way and aurora borealis rising over this stunning landscape. Credits: Stéphane Vetter.

Vetter’s stunning aurora borealis photos have brought him first prize in the 2013 International Earth and Sky Photo Contest

The northern lights are visible during nighttime and Stéphane is a maestro at capturing their scintillating fairness. The colors created by the sun’s solar wind diverted into Earth’s atmosphere by out planet’s magnetic field are always a joy to behold.

Vetter’s work has also brought him a lot of prizes. One of the most recent awards consists of winning the 2013 International Earth and Sky Photo Contest, while competing against highly-regarded photographers.


When the sun’s light is reflected by rainfall, rainbows are created. This is a “moonbow” as the light comes for an almost full moon and the drops are provided by the Skogarfoss waterfall. Credits: Stéphane Vetter.

Winning important photo contests comes packed with interesting prizes for astrophotographers

The image, which brought him the first place in the aforementioned contest, consists of a panorama image depicting the Milky Way and northern lights over Godafoss. This location is nicknamed the “waterfall of the gods” by Icelanders.

This award did not come alone, as the photographer has won a Canon 60Da camera. This DSLR is a modified version of the regular EOS 60D and it is aimed at astrophotography.

Amazon is offering the EOS 60Da for $1,399, while the regular EOS 60D costs $671.79.


Aurora borealis spreading its beauty over Iceland’s frozen waters. Credits: Stéphane Vetter.

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