East / West Germany division can still be seen from space

Colonel Chris Hadfield, the commander of the International Space Station (ISS), has tweeted an amazing picture showing that the East and West Germany division is still visible from space.

For numerous years, Germany has been divided by the Berlin Wall. However, the wall has been taken down beginning late 1989 and its destruction has been completed in 1990. This means that the Berlin Wall is not visible from the ISS. However, it does not mean that the division between the two countries can no longer be seen from space.

East / West Germany division seen from space

Colonel Chris Hadfield posted this amazing photo on Twitter, showing that the East / West Germany division is still visible from space. Credits: Chris Hadfield.

East / West Germany division is still visible from orbit

Colonel Chris Hadfield is a media favorite. He is the first Canadian to assume command of the International Space Station. The public loves him because he is keeping a close relationship with the fans through Twitter, where he constantly updates his feed with amazing photos.

One of the astronaut’s latest images consists of Berlin at night. This impressive photo actually displays a difference between East and West Germany. The distinction comes from the light bulbs, which are orange on the right and white on the left. Just so everyone’s clear, East Germany is the one on the right, while West Germany is the one of the left.

Astronaut Chris Hadfield is still “social media king”, thanks to Twitter

This spectacular photo created quite a buzz on Twitter. And to answer a lot of people’s questions, we have to say that light bulbs cannot last about 24 years, as the Germans surely changed them within the past couple of decades.

The more believable explanation probably dates before the Berlin Wall fall. The eastern part was probably using orange-ish / red-ish light bulbs, while the western society was most likely using whiter filaments. They probably liked the way they looked and decided to keep them this way.

Either way, Chris Hadfield’s photo is pretty amazing and shows, once again, how beautiful Earth looks at night from the outer space.

South and North Korea at night

A photo taken from a space satellite shows that South Korea is alive at night, while North Korea looks grim.

North / South Korea division can be seen from space, too

Another image taken from space, which shows a clear division between two areas of the world, consists of the Korean countries. A photo taken by the Defense Meteorological Satellited Program (DMSP) shows a major difference between North Korea and South Korea.

The former is pretty dark at night, while South Korea is full of light and life. Unfortunately, North Korea is going through a tough period and its country leader is looking to make things a lot worse by threatening the United States, Japan, and South Korea among others with a nuclear war.


  1. Hi Dragos, I can explain why the color difference persists all these years later: the different colors have different “sockets”. The yellow street lights (sodium bulbs) don’t take the white bulbs (probably metal halide) without being retrofitted, and vice versa. I wouldn’t’ be surprised to see them all become blue-ish white in the near future as they all get retrofitted or replaced for LED lights.

    • The picture and article is really fascinating, but thank you for the extra information! Now that you’ve explained it, it makes sense!

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